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Windows Apps

Windows Apps

Microsoft's Next invention Mobile operating system is Windows Phone 8 that very popular alternative to IOS and Android interfaces.Windows Mobile platform is solid and perfect version of desktop windows operating system that gives the different variety of options and scalability to every windows mobile Apps developer as well as technical and non-technical users.As Windows Mobile Apps company, Third Eye Web Solutions-Digital Media's mobile apps team have affluent experience in developing apps part.

Third Eye Web Solutions-Digital Media has professional and experienced windows mobile apps developers who have done tremendous job in developing Apps under all main mobile platforms such as Windows Mobile 2003, Windows Mobile 5.0, Windows Mobile 2003/SE, Pocket PC 2002, 2003, Windows Mobile 6.1, Windows CE, Windows Mobile 6, Windows 8 and Pocket PC Phone Edition.

The types of applications and services that Third Eye Web Solutions-Digital Media can consider

- Task Management enhancing apps development
- Windows Mobile games apps development
- Marketing and Branding Apps Development
- Productivity apps development
- Seamless data connectivity apps development
- Hybrid apps includes perfect graphics in native components w/ web components
- .Net Compact Framework apps development
- Business Promotions apps development
- Adding cloud and third party services development
- High-end custom UI/UX design development
- Windows Phone 7,8 and Silverlight application development
- Productivity, Business and media apps development
- Utility apps such as A-GPS/GPS apps, Mobile Anti-virus development
- Bluetooth Apps with rich API support
- E-commerce and Micropayment apps development

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