Main Features

Third eye Digital Media

Cloth Authoring Tool

Our Cloth Authoring Tool (CAT) lets you create 3D cloth based on just front and back photos within 5-10 minutes.
Third eye Digital Media

Responsive 3D Virtual Fitting

Immediately presents realistic 3D virtual fitting in sync with body movements.Say ‘goodbye’ to fitting room waiting lines!
Third eye Digital Media

Instant Hair Transformation

Personalize the 3D avatar by selecting the hairstyle and Change up your look with different hairstyles instantly
Third eye Digital Media

Flesh Out with Flawless Skin Tone

Personalize the 3D avatar by selecting the skin tone to reflect the user’s facial expressions based on the Fitzpatrick scale.
Third eye Digital Media

Physics-based Fitting Simulation

TEDMMirror automatically measures body dimensions in real time, letting users switch between items quickly while fitting to their unique body.
Third eye Digital Media

Purchase Essentials to Easy Access

Scan QR code to access item and purchase details and Offer essential item information.
Third eye Digital Media

Virtual Reality For Kids

Third eye Digital Media
Third eye Digital Media

Responsive 3D Virtual Fitting For Kids

Virtual Fitting Realistic, Augmented Reality & Interactive Play for Kids offers children a gamified virtual fitting experience. Same features as mom or dad's, just for you! and Enjoyable Family Shopping Experience.


  • Increase Brand & Product Exposure
  • The consumers enjoy the benefits of being able to see how the products of their interest will fit on them or in their house
  • while the retailers get better product exposure, an increase in both online and in-store sales and the benefit of reduced returns.
  • Augmented reality is being used to offer an incredible shopping experience to induction their shoppers and increase user shopping experience exponentially.

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