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Global Presence

Application Services Provider

A wide range of both applications and communications and infrastructure capabilities are available from ASPs.


CyberlinkASP Data Assurance Solution ensures that the data stored on our servers is available to our customers under any circumstance.

Inclusion And Diversity

We feel extremely proud having dedicated, knowledgeable and hardworking professional, who are ready to take on any challenges and survive any acid test related to projects.

Global Presence

-In the past 10 years we have focused only on growing the profits of our clients. It is a core value of who we are. Admittedly, our products are never easy, but we are not in this game for it to be easy we are in it because it is rewarding. When we dive deep into the heart of a business, the processes may ultimately take longer, but with a bit of pain comes tremendous gain.

-Our Group committed to growing to serve more customers and to constantly making our products and services even better. Operating throughout the world enables us to better understand the challenges that our customers face and to provide even better solutions.


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  • Our group
    Our Group is pretty excited. Usually it is our clients who are thrust into the spotlight for their lining in Software Development, and that is the way we like it. We are honoured to step into the spotlight with them
  • Our geographic presence
    Our geographic presence gives us the knowledge and agility to provide the best possible products and services to our clients; where-ever they are located. Today, Third Eye Digital Media is named one of India's Fastest Growing product based company.
  • Our Group
    Our Group's client includes some of the top Company / Business Man. They are successfully organized to drive future profit growth. Our impressive market footprint demonstrates our ability to provide the products, services and global resources that our clients need to achieve their goals. We do not ask clients to come to us; we take the organization to them. That is how we build rewarding, long-term relationships.