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Our Diffentiation

Application Services Provider

A wide range of both applications and communications and infrastructure capabilities are available from ASPs.


CyberlinkASP Data Assurance Solution ensures that the data stored on our servers is available to our customers under any circumstance.

Inclusion And Diversity

We feel extremely proud having dedicated, knowledgeable and hardworking professional, who are ready to take on any challenges and survive any acid test related to projects.

Trusted client relationships

We operate at the heart of our clients businesses, helping address their most complex, mission-critical issues. We are proud that 95 of our top 100 clients have been clients for at least 4 years.


Finished Projects


Happy Clients


Support Done


Lines of Code

  • Industry differentiation
    We are known for the depth of our knowledge across more than 40 industries, and more than half of our people have certified industry skills or are aligned with a specific industry. We provide flexible and scalable end-to-end business services that address the business and performance issues unique to a given industry or for specific enterprise functions across industries.
  • Global footprint
    We have a broad global footprint aligned around three geographic regions Asia, Europe and Growth Markets and serve clients in more than 12 countries. We are both extremely global, serving our clients consistently anywhere they operate, and extremely local, bringing local execution and market relevance.
  • Technology leadership
    As the largest independent technology services provider, we have a privileged position in the ecosystem and are the 1 partner of many key players, The scale and scope of our Global Delivery Network are unmatched.

Operational excellence

We run itself as a high-performance business. We manage our operations with rigor and discipline to increase our efficiency and enhance our competitiveness, so that we can continue to achieve our ultimate goal of delivering sustainable, profitable growth over the long term.