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Sencha Touch Cross Platform Apps

Phonegap,Titanium,Sencha Touch Cross Platform Apps

The cross Platform apps can be done via the usage of ordinary web technologies such as CSS, JavaScript, HTML and used by wide range of mobile platforms including Apple's IOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows. HTML5 cross platform app can be developed in influential and flexible frameworks like Titanium, PhoneGap, Rhodes that runs on all tablets and smartphones.Our cross-platform apps developers utilize the wide range of standard web technologies and supply fast and useful mobile apps to our golden clients.

We offer integrating, customizing, installing, implementing and developing open custom source packages. We develop user-friendly cross-platform apps that easy to support in different browsers, interface and devices and if some browsers does not support apps then we cater related add-ons and plug-ins with the help of HTML5 applications development, Sencha Touch App Development, PhoneGap app development frameworks.

Wide range of features and services available by Third Eye Web Solutions-Digital Media

- Use standard web technologies
- Produce Quick and fast functional Mobile Apps
- Use Open custom source packages
- Easy integrating, developing and installing open source packages
- Cater Professional support and guidance for your Mobile Apps
- Powerful open source frameworks and libraries
- Enable native Functionality to devices
- Easy to access plugins
- Leverage frameworks and Os Libraries for web solutions
- Easy improves productivity
- Maintain geo location, accelerometer, vibration, contracts, offline storage and many mores
- Low cost range contract
- Provide single codebase for developing cross platform mobile apps

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