Video Stand System Promotion

Video Stand System

Video Stands Station is an indoor and outdoor advertising construction with Multiplex screens for automatic demonstration of static advertisement.

Video stands that are favorably located in areas with high traffic (shopping and entertainment centers, supermarkets, business centers, cinemas / Multiplex, railway stations, airports, hospitals, bus stops, entrance elements, large markets) surely attract attention and make the memory retain of passers-by and retain for a long time the material seen on the screen.

Benefits Of The Video Stand System

  • Placement in the most passable areas of the city (on average 10-20 thousands of visitors daily)
  • Impact on all segments of population, age and social status
  • Influence on a buyer willing to buy here and now
  • Dynamic visual effect
  • Sound influence, even if the person is not in the visual range of video stand
  • Low cost of advertisement placement in comparison with conventional methods of advertising
  • Positive attitude to video stands, as long as it occupies free time during waiting, gives useful information and does not irritate
  • It does not require coordination with various authorities because video stands are often placed inside the premises
  • Visitors of public places have high purchasing power and are willing to come back again
  • Informing customers on promotions, sales, discounts
  • Short payback period from 1 to 3 months
  • Relatively inexpensive cost of rent of space for video stand
  • Big size of screen with the possibility of ambient sound
  • Novelty, which attracts the attention of more than 90% of people, who are in the area of influence of video stands
  • Twenty-four hour work that attracts attention even in evening and night time