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THIRD EYE DIGITAL MEDIA is one of the worlds leading professional services companies. We Are Export In Animation 2D & 3D & 4D, Flash Animation, VFX (Vishual FX) - SFX (Special FX ), Pre Wedding, Corporate Advertisement Creator, Interior & Exterior Design, Graphics Designing, Web Designing, Mobile Application Development, Digital Marketing (Bulk SMS, Bulk Email, SEO, SEM, SMO & Etc), Software Development, Game Designer, YouTube Channel Maker & Promoter, Movie Maker & Promoter.

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Character Animation is a specialized area of the animation process, which involves bringing animated characters to life.


Animation is the process of making the illusion of motion and change by means of the rapid display of a sequence of static images that minimally differ from each other.


Graphic Design is the process of visual communication, and problem-solving through the use of type, space, image and color.

Our Services

Logo Designing

A logo is a graphic mark, emblem, or symbol commonly used by commercial enterprises, organizations and even individuals to aid and promote instant public recognition.We provide best Logo Design in Ahmedabad

Visual FX

Visual Effects (abbreviated VFX) are the processes by which imagery is created and/or manipulated outside the context of a live action shot. Visual effects involve the integration of live-action footage and generated imagery to create environments which look realistic, but would be dangerous, expensive, impractical, or simply impossible to capture on film.

SFX(Special Effects)

SFX,an abbreviation for special effects , is a software product that makes it easy to create certain kinds of hypertext links within a collection of information such as the description of a library collection.